Welcome to Code for Boston!

The best way to dive into the Code for Boston community is to join us at our weekly Tuesday night meetups. Here are a few things to do if you're new to our community.

  1. Get set up with Slack

    We use slack to keep in touch when we aren't hanging out in person. We also track ongoing conversations, research, and project development there. Once you're in Slack, feel free to say hi in our #general channel and maybe tell everyone what makes you excited about civic tech and how you'd prefer to get involved. If you have any specific questions about Code for Boston, ask them over in the #ask-cfb channel.

    Join our Slack community
  2. Join Github (even if you don't code!)

    We use github to share and work on code-related projects. Many of our projects center around technology and therefore involve code, but you don't need to be able to write code to get involved! Github offers a range of ways to be part of the development process such as assisting in writing documentation or helping project managers keep track of work to be done.

    See our Github organization